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Two Women Who Overcame the War This collection of two short stories is the first volume of ‘Pocket Book Series’ which will address not only literature but also other adjacent humanities subjects. The title has two short stories, ‘Aunt’ and ‘Mother’ which tell the stories of two women who still bear the wounds of the Korean War. In [Women in My Family'], a collection of eight short stories, the writer focuses on maternal love and sacrifice demonstrated by women in his own family. 
(source: Joins.com)   
 [Dystopia-Korea] is a novel in dialogue which criticizes both an anti-American sentiment and uncritical acceptance of political thesis of North Korea among literary circles and academia.
(source: Donga Ilbo) lower  Selling Girl (a remake of ‘Blood and Fire’, 1989) is a full-length novel that describes fierce espionage activities between North and South Korea and a tragic family story of a North Korean spy. The original novel ‘Blood and Fire’ was translated/published in Japan under a title ‘A Spy and an Actress’ and ‘An Asylum Spy from North Korea’ in 1997 and 1998, respectively. 
(source: publisher’s review) [Music for a Flying Bird] is a full-length novel that depicts the life of a middle-aged man who has tried to escape from daily routines and social norms and dared to risk new challenges. 
(source: Chosun Ilbo) [Age of Bubble] is a three-volume novel that was originally published serially in Chosun Ilbo for 2 years in 1993~1994. The novel criticizes the upper class of Korean society in late 1980s surrounding the collusion between politics and business.
(source: Chosun Ilbo)
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